Jamila Hedhli, Ph.D.

On July 2, 2018, Jamila Hedhli successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled “A Multimodal Lens into Vascular Recovery in a Preclinical Model of Peripheral Arterial Disease”. Congratulations, Dr. Hedhli!

Imaging of peripheral angiogenesis in diabetes

Our new manuscript entitled “Evaluation of a dimeric-cRGD peptide for targeted PET-CT imaging of peripheral angiogenesis in diabetic mice” has been published today in Scientific Reports. Congratulations to Jamila and rest of the team!

Hedhli J, Slania SLL, Płoska A, Czerwinski A, Konopka CJ, Wozniak M, et al. Evaluation of a dimeric-cRGD peptide for targeted PET-CT imaging of peripheral angiogenesis in diabetic mice. Sci Rep [Internet]. 2018 March 29;8(1):5401. Available from: http://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-23372-9

Our recent Theranostics publication

Our recently published study on mesenchymal stem cell-induced recovery of diabetes-associated complications authored by Jamila and Christian has been featured by University of Illinois News Bureau. The manuscript was recently published in Theranostics journal. It was a great collaborative work with several research groups at the UIUC campus.
Link to the article: https://news.illinois.edu/blog/view/6367

BMES 2017 in Phoenix, AZ

Experimental Molecular Imaging Laboratory had three presentations at the BMES meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

Christian Konopka giving a talk on BMES 2017 in Phoenix, AZ

On October 12, 2017 Christian Konopka presented his oral presentation “A Non-Invasive Analysis of the Tumor Microenvironment in a Novel Stem-Like Cancer Cell Xenograft Model”. Next day, Prof. Dobrucki gave a talk on “Myocardial Phantom for Dynamic, Multimodal Imaging Calibration and Modeling Methods”.

Than Huynh at his poster on BMES 2017 in Phoenix, AZ

Finally, on the last day of the conference, Than Huynh presented his summer project “Cellular Topological Growth Limits Affect Melanoma Phenotype”.