Welcome to the Experimental Molecular Imaging Laboratory (EMIL) in Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Engineering in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The integration of diverse imaging modalities and cutting-edge technologies to map biomolecular and biological processes at the cellular level or within entire organs holds immense potential to transform the diagnosis and treatment of pathophysiological disorders. This advancement has the power to alleviate the substantial social and economic burdens linked to the clinical management of diseases.

Our research is centered around the advancement of integrated imaging methodologies that enable noninvasive monitoring and tracking of various biological processes, such as peripheral and myocardial angiogenesis, vascular remodeling, atherosclerosis, and cancer. We achieve this through the utilization of molecular, physiological, functional, and anatomical imaging modalities, including nuclear imaging techniques like SPECT/PET, X-ray CT, and in vivo optical imaging.

By implementing these comprehensive imaging strategies, we aim to pave the way for personalized disease prevention programs that encompass advanced diagnosis, risk stratification, and targeted cellular and genetic therapies. This approach holds the promise of delivering more effective and efficient healthcare solutions, ensuring higher rates of success in disease management.

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